Ruby on Rails – Lunch and Learn

Last Friday was my Ruby on Rails presentation at Commerx Corporation (in Lunch and Learn series). It wasn’t as good as I wanted, but, wasn’t too bad either. Some keys on the laptop were in the on-again-off-again mode, so, I had to rely on an external keyboard and use the touchpad at the same time (not a very recommended setup).

Anyways, I think some of the guys were entrigued enough to, at least, give it a try. Being mainly at a PHP shop, I’m still not qualified to do a full comparison, but, from the little time I spent with PHP (so far), I’m becoming even more attached to the beloved Rails.

I think I’m becoming more of a Rails fanatic – comparing every code and architecture I come across to Rails. I find myself asking, how ‘that’ could be done in Rails. How could ruby shine in such a situation. How elegant would it be to implement that in Rails. How much less lines of code I could reach that same setup.

My next project is a minor refactoring of what seems like a complex Java project (read: reusable components). I’m still exploring the source tree. I can’t help but to wonder about the size of the project, and what it ‘actually’ do 🙂 . I’m having a hard time forcing myself ‘NOT’ to think of it as a Rails rewrite opportunity. Hope I can manage 🙂