Enterprise Ruby on Rails

Yet again Ruby on Rails vs Java stack argument. But this time it’s a true and tried case study for using Rails to write an enterprise-class health care system – CenterNet (or at least part of it) and its comparison with the use of Java stack.

The system according to the mailing list post is

N * 1,000 dedicated users spread over multiple
states (probably 80+ locations at deployment), 24/7 uptime required,
$multi-million project budget (see also: training), multiple platforms
for both servers and clients, etc.

Here’s from Rick Bradely’srewrite” website

In September (or so) we went through the process of trying to decide whether we wanted to keep plowing through the JBoss Java stack we were building with or to pursue an alternate technology. We did some test prototyping of part of our first component (of 6) in Ruby on Rails[Java?] and then a test re-implementation of the full component in Ruby on Rails.

The productivity increase (and code footprint decrease) was basically staggering. We undertook a full analysis of the consequences of shifting our development from our Java stack to a Ruby on Rails platform. Ultimately we decided to shift from Java to Ruby on Rails.

The summary document of the issues (edited to protect the guilty