I planned to start learning OFBiz seriously (after spending few intermittent weeks reading about its structure, architecture and capabilities).

I took the decision yesterday after a discussion with an IT operations manager in one of the companies that is actually using Ofbiz to make money.

I’m starting to believe that putting together these broad range of solutions with such capabilities would take longer than customizing Ofbiz components (I hope that the website is true – and that its shortcomings aren’t all that bad).

It would also mean that a product built on Ofbiz can be ready for shipment (deployment) within a short period (do I hear a competitive edge here).

The first problem I encountered was getting Ofbiz itself. Downloading it over an inexpensive dial up seemed impossible (there’s no expensive dial up connections as Internet connections are free here in Egypt). DSL still isn’t widely used and hence, a bit expensive. Internet Cafes aren’t an option either, I’ve been asking for a couple of days but none of them seem to have a CD (or other storage) writer. Don’t you worry, I’ll figure out a way, but this is just to convey my anger over our “still” limited resources.