New App Idea (Don’t Read – No Meat)

I was requested (in alignment with my hazy career plan in the company) to do a review of our corporate strategy and to present my report to a line of the T.M. (WOW! sound like this guy is climbing somewhere…. but, he’s really and truly not:-) ).

While reading a financial newspaper a couple of days ago I was hit by an idea, a new application idea.
The closest categorization I could think of was something in the vicinity of a “Business Intelligence” app.

A search in sourceforge made me think that it’s either a damn unique and original thought, or a genuine clumsy and silly one.

I’m trying to formalize my thoughts thru a simple class diagram, before talking to a friend president of one of the manufacturing companies.

I really didn’t mean to sound so obscure, but, it’s probably the idea that’s hogging my brain.

I might be telling the readers some of my thoughts (as I’m dying for an input).

Check back soon.