Ofbiz with MaxDB

Finally! I was able to get Ofbiz running with MaxDB.

First impression about MaxDB by MySQL (formerly SAP DB) that it’s quite nice. Problems are easier to locate and solve than MySQL (so far). The Database Manager GUI rocks (though I wonder if Database Administrator from MySQL can connect to MaxDB – but perhaps another day for that issue). Still exploring SQL Studio (the Catalogue Manager “Continue” link is awful – I’ll try to find some setup to list all the available tables in the database instead of paging those tables with the continue link).

Its support for triggers and stored procedures will sure prove helpful.

I hope I don’t run into unsolvable limitations/troubles with MaxDB until I get my feet on solid grounds with Ofbiz.

I plugged Ofbiz to MaxDB after the necessary user creation, RESOURCE user privlege, MaxDB _UNICODE parameter, and rotating log files (after database hung for couple of times).

I loaded the data into the database via the provided functionality in Webtools (run script to load data).

I will soon work on configuring an e-commerce web site (wish me luck).

Eager to hear any experiences with Ofbiz.