Eclipse going back to Netbeans

I’m still so tired having no decent JSP plugins. Eclipse’s Web Tools Platform (M1) is not working with Eclipse (3.1 M3) or at least I can’t set it up to work correctly (it can’t even detect any changes even with “-clean” flag).

LOMBOZ was working on 2.1 and could be working with 3.0, but not with 3.1M3 (as far as I’ve been trying – it is still giving me “Unable to create part problem”). I might rollback to 3.0.

MyEclipse looks tempting and I might go for test drive.

Personally, I feel that I’m going back to Netbeens soon. It seems that they’ve worked on the interface a bit, and hopefully there would be some speed improvements.

Appreciate your suggestions, I’ll keep you updated.