… and Eclipse again

Despite that I like Netbeans (with also emotional attachement as it is the first IDE I’d worked with), I switched back to Eclipse after managing to get Lomboz JSP editor working (It worked on Eclipse 3.0 with EMF installed, it previously refrained to work on 3.1M3 with “Unable to Create Part” error).

Some of the reasons that made me switch back is the number of plugins available to eclipse.
Yes, Netbeans comes with neat features out of the box (JSP Editor, Built in Tomcat, Database and Server views), yet, the Netbeans plugins seems limited (I looked for a Hibernate plugin for Netbeans and couldn’t find one).

Also, it was very tempting to work with Eclipse At Project bug tracker (a neat tool to report/track bugs and tasks during a project). I still haven’t disovered its full capabilities/shortcoming, but it looks promising.
Anyway, good luck for all Netbeaners, and I’m eager to receive your comments.