Multiple has_many_polymorphs in one model

I’m trying to define multiple polymorphic relations (has_many_polymorphs plugin) from a single parent to same children. Note has many viewers Note has many editors Viewers could be either Users or Groups Editors could be either Users or

Is it Microsoft?

This exchange happened today between me and a client while presenting the final release of an application: Me: So, let’s now log in to the system… Client: Actually, I wanted to ask about something. Is this written using Microsoft

has_many_polymorphs broken for Rails 2.1.x

The guys on has_many_polymorphs are doing a great job keeping the plugin up to date with edge Rails. This commit broke the plugin with Rails 2.1.x NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::Reflection::ClassMethods::ThroughReflection Just revert to

[10 seconds ad] AJAX requests synchronization

For you AJAX requests synchronization needs, don’t forget to use Locking! – The mechanism that might save your day. * (*) not recommended for all uses. consult your requirements, framework API, and DB engines before you apply.

Jobalytics – a Passenger on Dreamhost

After Ninh pointed out Dreamhost’s mod_rails news, I was tempted to get my hands dirty deploying a test application. I revivied one of my long lost pets (that hated the FCGI it was running on), made some modifications,

Passenger (mod_rails) on Dreamhost

I got an update from Ninh Bui from Passenger fame about Dreamhost progress on mod_rails adoption. We’re working closely with Dallas Kashuba (CTO of Dreamhost) on getting Passenger ‘dreamhost’ ready (even though we’ve inferred it was already

Rails deployment that suits Rails development

The guys from Phusion – The Computer Science Company – released mod_rails (Passenger) today. I’m just feeling unusually happy. They made a great job not only producing that longly-awaited piece of software (years in the waiting), but also creating a

Rocket Science

Obie Fernandez, the author of the now de facto Rails book, The Rails Way, have recently launched HashRocket, a Ruby on Rails consultancy with a unique business model: Your application in 3 days or your money backOK! That money-back part