Rails deployment that suits Rails development

The guys from Phusion – The Computer Science Company – released mod_rails (Passenger) today. I’m just feeling unusually happy.

They made a great job not only producing that longly-awaited piece of software (years in the waiting), but also creating a great hype, marketing, documenting, testing, and nailing down the details that made Rails deployment as easy and as enjoyable as Rails development.

Thank you guys for giving us that peice of software; it sure will lower barriers to entry into Rails/Ruby world even further. I know that there are rough edges, yet, the community owes a lot to these guys.

After a journey of Webrick, Apache+FCGI, Mongrel, Apache+Mongrel, NGinx+Mongrel and deployment processes that are more suited for JavaEE applications, now I’m finally prepared to enjoy Rails to the last drop.

Dreamhost!? I’m waiting.

UPDATE: A donationwas due. Although modest, I felt compelled.

Hi Tamer,

well, after struggling a lot for a clean and clear deployment process during my last project “Mokhtarat” deployment, I think I’m just feeling happy, now its so easy and clear to deploy a rails application on apache.

Thanks for the great news.