Jobalytics – a Passenger on Dreamhost

After Ninh pointed out Dreamhost’s mod_rails news, I was tempted to get my hands dirty deploying a test application.

I revivied one of my long lost pets (that hated the FCGI it was running on), made some modifications, and capified it to my Dreamhost’s account.

And … It was a breeze.

The deployment process (including capistrano script modifications, and enabling mod_rails for the domain) took around 10 minutes. Dreamhost made a good effort making the deployment easy (just a checkbox to enable mod_rails for the domain). I’m sure this has taken some effort from both Dreamhost and Phusion guys, so, Kudos to them.

Maybe afterall Dreamhost isn’t that bad.

Here’s a snapshot of the one-page application – jobalytics (Ruby Job Trends).

Ruby Job Trends