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Wonderful CSS

One of my new found hobbies: admiring various CSS designs at CSS Vault, CSS Zen Gardens and CSS Beauty. Firefox nifty developer’s plugin, Web Developer Extension helps me dissects those designs.

Are Java Developers spreading too thin?

Just a thought… are we spreading ourselves too thin? Plethora of specifications, patterns, frameworks, tools, articles, bugs, work-arounds and issues to read, learn, prototype and use. I can hard...

OFBiz Mysteries

Still exploring the mysteries of OFBiz. Why is this stuff so obscure? I beleive it’s a wonderful product but, as it has been mentioned before, the docs are way behind. I managed to get some data ...

MySQL with X for XML

While trying to transfer some data from MySQL into OFBiz, I had to format these in XML. MySQL options came to the rescue. The command line tool from MySQL have this cool option (mysql -X …)  that ...

Checkboxes and Composite Keys - Friends or Foes

What do you think is the best technique in setting up the value of a checkbox if it corresponds to a database record that has a Composite Key? Should one concatenate the values representing the co...

Career Crossroads

Thought of Sharing my Career Crossroad issue: Back to School for a PhD (I’d belong to a better environment, but have to wait at least 6 years for a decent income) , or; Establish a Company fo...

Hibernate - passing a complete object to HQL or find()

I’m currently experimenting with Hibernate (hope I’d get back to OFBiz soon; or that OFBiz uses Hibernate sooner). Is there a way that I can retrieve (find/load) records from the database using my...

I'm Back

Lack of motivation for posting? Perhaps. I’ve been also busy with some of my research - basically about my own career. I found myself attending some management studies by Inistitute of Management...

Back To Basics

It seems that I’ll be entering the debate once again. To Struts or not to Struts? I’m with. But I’m tired. I’ll try to base my next discussion on this.  

Quote of the day

“Knowledge is in the Journey, not in the Final Destination” - Anonymous.

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