Are Java Developers spreading too thin?

Just a thought… are we spreading ourselves too thin?

Plethora of specifications, patterns, frameworks, tools, articles, bugs, work-arounds and issues
to read, learn, prototype and use.

I can hardly find time for anything else – not even to generate revenue from these things I learn. And as the spectrum widens the burden increase.

Has anyone else felt the same?

Migrated Comment – Lars Borup on October 21st, 2004:
Yup! …and often.
Sometimes it seems like its a round-the-clock job to be a java developer. Everywhere new exiting frameworks/libs are popping op, not to mention the quite few you are yet to try out due to lack of time. But I think the way around this problem is simply to find the few you actually do think you can “use” in you job position, and then read blogs or serverside and alike to get a somewhat superficial idea of the others.

Migrated Comment:
You don’t have to learn everything out there. Of course, while you are paralized thinking you have to learn everything, we’re out there making money on the stuff we have learned! ! 🙂 That’s fine if that’s the way you want to do it.