OFBiz Mysteries

Still exploring the mysteries of OFBiz.

Why is this stuff so obscure? I beleive it’s a wonderful product but, as it has been mentioned before, the docs are way behind.

I managed to get some data into OFBiz DB via Web Tools XML Import functionality, but, would have loved to know how data in various tables are interdependent (business wise), and how they correlate to each other. I’m waiting for the Data Modeling Book to be delivered in five weeks time (yes, that’s how long delivery takes if you’re in a country like Egypt – I hope it just arrives). I think it will shed some light on these obscurities.

Wish me luck.

Migrated Comment – Kelvin Tan on November 23rd, 2004
Thanks to your post, I’m also getting myself a copy of the Data Modelling Book! 🙂 Except I think it takes about 10 days max (I’m in germany)
Like you, I’m also trying my hand out at OfBiz, trying to understand the architecture and methodology, etc.
one thing I don’t understand is why you install MaxDB if all you want is to get OfBiz running. I had a much harder time getting Compiere running because I had to install Fyracle and fix some installation issues.

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