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Netbeans Again

I’m going back to NetBeans. One year ago I ditched NetBeans and went for eclipse (partly becuase of speed, partly because of interface), but the lack of opensource simple JSP editors had made me t...

The future is here (if you're in Japan)

While store shopping, ever wondered how much that book, CD, gadget… cost on Amazon? Now, according to a Gizmodo article (slashdotted here), if you’re in Japan, you can easily know the price of tha...

W:Bloggar - Cool Tool

This is my first post using W:Bloggar(Well sort of - I had to post it first to the blog, then publish it from there - WBloggar gave me a type mismatch error). What a wonderful tool, It simply rock...

Google - Cairo Office

I was excited when I first heard that Google has launched its first Cairo office. Yet again….

Eclipse going back to Netbeans

I’m still so tired having no decent JSP plugins. Eclipse’s Web Tools Platform (M1) is not working with Eclipse (3.1 M3) or at least I can’t set it up to work correctly (it can’t even detect any cha...

Changes to my Blog

Recent changes: Background title image (sunset.jpg): The picture was taken during September 2004 in Alexandria, Egypt. The beach is Aida beach (yes, the same name as that of the opera). Rearr...

Eclipse and JSPs plugins

I’m fed up with trying to get an Eclipse plugin for JSP editing. I just want a simple opensource plugin that would help me with JSP editing. LOMBOZ won’t work with Eclipse 3.1 (mined the mailing li...

Software project managers

“I Know Why Software Sucks”. very refreshing and insightful thread in “artima developers” about the process of managing software project, or simply, managers. enjoy.

Wonderful CSS

One of my new found hobbies: admiring various CSS designs at CSS Vault, CSS Zen Gardens and CSS Beauty. Firefox nifty developer’s plugin, Web Developer Extension helps me dissects those designs.

Are Java Developers spreading too thin?

Just a thought… are we spreading ourselves too thin? Plethora of specifications, patterns, frameworks, tools, articles, bugs, work-arounds and issues to read, learn, prototype and use. I can hard...

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