Contents Invalid public key / Fingerprint can’t be blank

Getting the above error message trying to deploy to Heroku (Windows, PuTTY keygen). Turns out the public/private key files saved through putty aren’t of a valid OpenSSH format (expected by Heroku). You can still use Putty Keygen by copying the text generated under “Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_key file” (save it to your *.pub) I’m inching towards my first Mac. Windows is a frustration after the other. UPDATE: working with Heroku/Git/SSH on a windows machine is a royal pain. One step closer to a MaxBook. Follow these if you’re stuck: – My setup so far is “Putty Keygen, Putty, Pageant, Git GUI”

Mac hardware is overpriced Tamer – just find a good Linux distro.

Perhaps it’s overpriced for a reason. Being frustration-less (or at least less-annoying).
I’ve tried Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat). There’s something not quite there. Perhaps overall experience (Browsing / Flash; Thunderbird; OpenOffice; NetBeans; …).

I’m so ready for a Mac (sans the money part).

Try using . Mercurial works much better under windows.