RoR-DB2/400 – Not There Yet

Breaking the silence – this was posted by “tprentis” on IBM forum for DB2 on Rails Toolkit

I’m a recent convert to Ruby on Rails. My organization has several (over 50) iSeries machines on our WAN. As MIS manager, I plan to start pushing RoR development in the near future but really need that DB2 iSeries connector running. Please escalate the development effort. Thanks!

So, provided the info is real, and skipping the part that a connector/adapter is not ready up until now, an organization with over 50 iSeries machines (most probably legacy) will be pushing RoR as a part of its technology stack. That’s big.

A reply from “Milhouse”

It’s not that hard to hack up an adapter if you don’t mind using the DBI:ADO adapter (see my earlier post). I’ve used it experimentally with success. Another option I plan to explore is to use JRuby with their JDBC-ActiveRecord with the existing iSeries JDBC drivers. This has the added advantage of easy integration with Java libraries.

I think it’s time to give JRuby a try.

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