The DD way

While talking to a good friend last night, we came up with a new DD acronym. Introducing the SDD or “Stability Driven Development” 🙂 . Although, it was meant to funnily describe how some people regard their careers in the context of their responsibilities, the same idea can be used to come up with really genuine DD names:

  • BDD: Boss Driven Development (Use your insightful pointy haired).
  • GDD: Guinea-pigs Driven Development (guinea pigs filled applications).
  • HDD: Half-assed-software Driven Development (does quality really matter?).
  • jWDD: Just-Working Driven Development (it submits forms).
  • DDD: Dreams Driven Development (or Day-Dreaming DD).
  • PDD: Picture Driven Development (making the software that would put you in the picture)
  • ADD: All-Features-You-Can-Cram-Into-One-Application Driven Development (need I say more?)

note to self: It might be good time to come up with a DD generator 🙂

This is NOT my take on the value of TDD, BDD and other methodologies to any process. It’s just my lame way of reviving this “almost” dead blog (these words will sure help in my Google ranking).

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