Mickey’s Time Camera

I want to have one of those “Time Cameras” I once read about in one of the comic books (Mickey Mouse) :-).

Living in a cultural cross roads country where many cultures have met, shared, collided or died is definitely exotic.

The daily trip to work (45 min ride) involves passing through many old neighborhoods of the city.
There, ONCE stood magnificent buildings with wonderful architecture, designs and styles.
Buildings that must have been an honor to their architects, designers, builders, owners and dwellers.

Unfortunately, their battle with time (?) was lost. What is left now is some (still) inhibited remains with lots and lots of “Broken Windows”

I think now should be a very good time to have those cameras

The idea is simple> Just point, shoot, and there you have it. A picture of the building as it once stood. As magnificent as ever, as beautiful as ever, as honoring as ever.


After 15 Google minutes – found the original comic story on INDUCKS (fun to know this database really exists).
Thank you Google/INDUCKS for bringing back a scent of fun days.