EGJUG First Meeting

I have attended the First EGJUG meeting and it was a good kickstart. EGJUG is an attempt to bring together Egyptian Java enthusiasts, help promote Java in Egypt, and raise the skills of Java developers.

With 290+ members and only around 10 attending the first meeting, the group needs a hell lot of marketing. There’s also a good chance the Java developers around aren’t that interested in such groups/meeting/events. I experienced the same lack of interest when trying to establish a meeting among Alexandria Java User group. That said, I think EGJUG have a better chance given the current mindset and experience of moderators, and core team.

There’s an initial plan to invite a different speaker each month, so, I’ll be trying to reach out for some experts for Java-related talks.

If you have an interest in either talking or attending, or have any other suggestions in that respect, I’m all ears and eyes.