Alexandria and sea levels

This link shows how things would look like for my home city if sea level rises ONLY 1 m. Although, most of the city will not be affected, yet, it seems that It has turned into an island, which would definitely make it uninhabitable. What is our geovernment doing??? What is the world doing??? Hellooooo.

The mashup was prepared by Alex Tingle, with elevation data provided by NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. One of the most helpful mashups I’ve even seen.

via Baheyeldin Dynasty

The link doesn’t work, Apache page.

Hi Tamer,

Although the link you provided above is broken
🙁 I agree with you that the issue of rising sea levels must be THE major concern for Alexandrians. It is a real threat that no one is aware of (or is concerned about, if they heard about it). What’s the use of all the nice development and construction that is taking place right now if it will end up UNDER sea-level??!!

Oh, by the way, the link has just started to show some signs of life 🙂 ) I’ll go and check it again.

On a personal note, I’m really scared about the idea of the disappearance of the corniche along the area stretching from Al-Silsilah up to Al-manshiya. That section of the corniche gives me goosebumps whenever it comes to my mind (reminds me of my school days 🙂 ))))))))))) especially during the Winter when I used to take the bus from the station next to Saad Basha)

Thank you Tamer for the news…SPREAD THE WORD!!!