Remote Deploy to Websphere – Take 2

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I found out that the provided IBM ant tasks are designed to run from within eclipse (apparently as plugins, through a set of clicks).
In order to run them as _Headless Tasks_ (IBM: “Headless” means running builds from the command line without using the WebSphere Studio or Rational Application Developer GUI) they have to be invoked through some batch files (from IBM).

I went through these files, and I’m in the process of writing some (regular) ANT script that would:
My Ant Script -> Eclipse Launcher -> IBM class -> Intermediate Build File -> IBM ANT Task.

This has worked, but, according to a bug in the provided EARExport task, the .ear file was never written.

I’m currently downloading an update (RAD to my environment (RAD 6.0) of about 950+ MBytes, in order to apply an Interim Fix 002 (which I have to also download) to be able to run the EARExport task without a problem.
Would someone tell me please, can it be more complicated than this?

I’m having a similar problem. Deploying within RAD to the test server (Add projects…), everything works fine. When I attempt to run the an Ant build file ( using ws_ant.bat, I’m getting a DeploymentDescriptorLoadException on the web.xml. The wrapped exception is SAXParseException: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element ‘web-app’. However, when I look in the ear, I can find the web.xml with the  element! I’ve tried both the ws_ant.bat, as well as an admin console install of the same ear, both with similar results. Since these attempted installs are against the RAD test server, I know the server is working fine. It seems that the RAD builds and installs get diferent results than the Ant builds and WAS tasks. Please update your saga as things progress…

Had the same problem as you Jim I opened up web.xml in a text editor and reformatted it and managed to get a little further when manually installing the app via the admin console. Still couldn’t get it to deploy via ant only inside RAD.
Would also be interested to see if any of you got any further.

Great comments. I’m in somewhat of the same boat and stuck dead in the water.

I’m getting the same error
“Cannot find the declaration of element ‘web-app’”

However, I have a project originally developed in Websphere 5.1.2, then imported into a new install of Eclipse, exported as a .war and attempting to install on a Weblogic 8.1 server via the console.

As far as I can tell all looks good in the web.xml.

I’m out of ideas.
Anyone have any?