UPDATE (September 2009): During the past 4 years, this post has managed to be the no. 1 hit for people looking for IPATO exam samples. It was a hope for some and desperation for others. To my knowledge, no one was able to get those “screenshots” or any further insider’s info from the people who were here before (except may be some personal reflections). To people coming here for exam shots or samples, I say: believe in your capabilities. The IPATO is not difficult. If you get a good night’s sleep, clear your mind (as much as you can), find a quiet place, and monitor your time, the exam should be fun. If you are capable, then fine. If you are not, then fine too. Success is never tied to a single exam or a single company. It has so many names and avenues so don’t feel that this is a life-or-death situation. Good Luck everyone. Oh, by the way, I’m closing comments to this post.

UPDATE 2 (September 2009): For those of you who might attempt to contact me using the contact form, please be advised that I will not respond to any inquiries asking for IPATO Screenshots (I have none). I would like to add that looking at IPATO screenshots might be in violation with your IBM agreement.

Took the IPATo. 3 Parts (Data Manipulations, Numeric Analysis, Mathematical Reasoning). Can’t claim I did good, partly because of some distractions (which is a major factor if the allocated time is 4 minutes for one of the parts). The first part “looks like” matrix manipulations, but I guess it tests your level of comprehending and processing information (and probably obfuscated tech docs and code). Numeric analysis is the hardest, mainly because of the allocated time. Mathematical reasoning reminded me of the GRE quantitative section and its math questions.

What is strange is that I haven’t been contacted by the Big Blue (yet?), I thought this test was a second or third step in the process, but, it was the first in my case. Hope this turns out well.

Just get a good-night sleep, try to clear your mind, find a quiet place with no distractions to take the exam and monitor your time.

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Hi there.

That is odd they asked you to do that first, as I think it normally comes last. Probably just different policies for different areas within IBM.

I’m soon to take it as well and feeling nervous at the whole thing since I don’t know what to expect.

Is the math reasoning on par or more difficult than GRE? Is numerical reasoning simple sequences or challenging quadratics?

Yeh, It was Odd. I received the “We regret” mail yesterday. I’m not sure if it was their mistake or that I really screwed up.

Anyway, The numeric series questions were not all difficult, it was “nice” taking that part of the exam. It’s a test of finding a “pattern” among the given numbers (say foo, bar, foo, baz, foo, gazonk, ?) some are difficult, some are not. The most challenging issue is the time. So, don’t even think of going through your answer twice.

I think the Math part is even simpler than the GRE one.

Good luck with the exam. Don’t forget to tell me how it went 🙂

I took IPATO just now. I was selected for an interview for this Co-Op job and they asked me to do the test before the interview. I gave it a shot. Matrix Manipulation was kinda tricky but for me, time was the main issue. Numerical and Math portion was easy but time was a huge issue for Numerical portion. Anyways, does anybody remember if they have negative marking for one of the portions. I recall reading that they deduct 1/4 of a mark in one of the sections. Does anybody know, which section it is?

Hello there, I am going to take the IPATO test this week and i was wondering what the heck is the matrix manipulation and the mathematical reasoning part of the test. Are there anywhere on the web any sample questions?

What kind of matrix manipulation is there? Can you guys give any other examples just a little nervous for my IPATO which is two days from now. What kind of numerical questions turned up as well? Any help would be great this is my first coop and I never thought I’d ever be working for IBM I just want to not be too nervous writing it.



(tudor_in_britishcolumbia at hotmail dot com)

This IPATO test is so pathetic; I’m surprised IBM still has this. Most of the candidates have few friends there looking at different question. And for those of us that really do it legit gets screwed. They should do some kind of attitude test at the interview face-to-face. Its sad IBM still doesn’t realize this test doesn’t give accurate response.

As for the test: First part is matrix manipulation: expect at least 4 twist with ambiguous wording. Second were short answer math problems I think. Most of us should be okay there. Third was easy for me: it was number series related questions.

Hello Matrix,
How was ur test? I got test and can you help me by putting some questions. Do u know weather any site have a moke test.

pls i am going to do the test tommorow. can someone give me examples in each pattern,matrix, and series.
email me @ ermi200@yahoo.com

I took the test just now. Involved “data matrices, numerical analysis, and two mathematical reasonings”. I think they only use one mathematical reasoning section as the real one, the other one serves as a test for future/potential questions (same thing they do at the SAT level in high school).

Data Matrices: easiest one, I think. You can easily completed at least 4/5 of the questions without a problem. Don’t think it’s matrices you see in a math class, with straight numbers and having to perform manipulations on them (such as matrix multiplications, determining cross products, etc…). It’s more about reversing rows, following paths, replacing items, being able to track your way through a data set.

Numerical Analysis: not a bad part of the test. Fairly easy, they give you A LOT of questions in such a short amount of time. I finished about 80% of the questions and I’m sure I got at least 90% of them correct. If you take regular IQ tests online on numerical series/patterns, thats the best bet. It is wholly based on whole numbers/integers. No fractions, so you don’t have to remember things like 1/2^n, etc.

Mathematical Reasoning (two different sections): probably the toughest part. I didn’t do so well in this part – it’ll clearly show. Lots of word problems. Make sure you can do fractions, rate problems, percentages, etc. I took this module the last, because I didn’t want to lose my confidence for the rest of them if I did poorly on this one. Do this module last. It may just be me, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Hey guys, i have 6 more days to complete my IPATO test. I have been little stressed with it. Is there any place you all can direct me to gain some practice on the questions. When do you guys find out what you made on the test. Any hints or pointers will be very helpful guys. thanks

Just took the test, and i have to say the Matrices bit was worded as if a two year old wrote it. So you can kind of guess it was incredibly hard to understand. I probably will be making a formal complaint to IBM and my Uni, i screenshot all the questions on the Matrices part. There is no indication where a new question has been set, so you dont know if your working with the original data your given or working on the data you have come up with through manipulation.

Can you please send me your screenshots ? I would be forever grateful. k_abid@hotmail.com

I am taking the exam soon. Thank you so much in advance.

I am also taking the test soon. Could you forward me your screenshots please. quiffy33@hotmail.com

Thanks very much!

I also need to take the test!

Could you please forward me the screenshots?

THANKS so much!

HI, I am also taking the test soon. Could you also please forward me your screenshots please:) Thanks very much!!!

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Can you send me the screenshots as well… please

Hello Unknown! I really appreciate your help… PLEASE Could you send me the screenshoots. ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

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Hi unknown, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can you send me the screenshots as well, my email address is userebay38@yahoo.co.uk
Thanks in advance your a top guy. I’ve been ill lately and have no chance to prepare my self properly for the test.
so plzzzzzzzzz help me.

Please, can you send me the screenshots as well? my email: tmzvk@centrum.cz

Hi Unknown, I too have to take an IPato test, I would be really gratefull if you could forward me the screenshots.

Many thanks in advance!

my email: m.sehmi@uea.ac.uk

Hi, could anyone help me. I was told to do the IPATO Test as well, but because i clicked the button that request resonable adjustment, then my access to this test was blocked, and I emailed to them, but still can not get access to the Test, does anyone know how to do under this situstion?
By the way , can anyone send me a copy of this screenshots, thanks a lot! my email: hong-irene@126.com

Hi I am taking the test in 3 days form today and I am getting desperate.

Could anyone send me the screenshots too.

I would do appreciate that.

I feel I need these famous screenshots too.
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Hi, I am also doing the test, can you please send me the screen shots? no1becks2308@hotmail.com

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Hi Unkown/Unknown.

You have probably guest what i am going to say.

So can you please send me a screenshot of the questions asked please. I have a couple of days before the actual test. Thank you for your help.

Take care mate!


never received the screenshots 🙁

i do it in 2 days.

Wish me good luck guys and good luck to you!

I just finished the test a few minutes ago. I was using CamStudio to record the test to evaluate my answers after. This is what I got: 8/15 for data matrices, 16/20 for numerical analysis, and 7/12 for mathematical reasoning.

The questions are really NOT hard but the time is too short. I was able to go through all of them because of the way I divided up my time. (e.g. give 5 mins for each page). After I finished the test, I solved all of them and watched the recordings to see how I did.

The good news is: DO NOT worry about the IPATO! I personally got two job offers from IBM before even doing the test. Also, My friend did really terrible on the test, he didn’t even finish the first page of some sections, still he got 2 job offers from IBM too.

Good luck everyone!

Hi, I too have to take an IPato test, I would be really gratefull if you could forward me the screenshots.
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You still have to do it again at the assesment centre ie without your screenshots and friends helping you so be careful. Good luck to all.

hi tamer. im taking the test too. screen shots would be great!

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Hi. I have also to take the test in some days. Could anyone send me the screenshots at: gios@writeme.com???
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Hi. I have also to take the test in some days. Could anyone send me the screenshots at: gios@writeme.com ???
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Reading through the comments here has given me hope, but it still sounds tough. Is the matrices questions’ wording really bad enough to complain about?

Screenshots would be appreciated! cbodders@gmail.com

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with hope, thank you!

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hey all, i also need to do the test by next week. Could you also send me the screen shots. please…please?

Hi, I need screen shot as I only have 4 days to finish it. Anybody can send me a copy? my email is dustin.shaojianhua@gmail.com.
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anyone please those ‘horrible’ screenshots?
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Hello Unknown! I really appreciate your help… PLEASE Could you send me the screenshoots. ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.


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CAn i have the screenshots as well.

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Hey, could anybody who has a copy of the screenshots please send them my way? would really appreciate it, few days left to take the test..thankyouuu
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Could you please forward those screenshots to me?
I am taking the exam in the following 72hs that are my due time to have it completed. I would really appreciate it as I am a bit rusty with mathematical thought and concerned about this test. Thanks in advance!!

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Can anybody please forward me those screenshots? It will be more than greatly appreciated! i am taking the IPATO tomorrow! so please give me a hand!
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Jesus christ, you people asking for screen shots are pathetic. Just take the test, it’s really not that big of a deal.

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Please Please Please can I get the screenshots too.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.. I have to take the test in the morning.. I need it..

Please Please Please can I get the screenshots too.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.. I have to take the test in the morning.. I need it..
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