Silly Idea I once had. Or is it?

It seems that the idea I had is more of a silly thought.

It’s not the nature of the idea, or how to apply it. It’s because of cultural limitations and its inherited problems.

It was simply a solution to provide a repository for info related to any business environment and it’s its effect on a certain business. It would have been based on extensive reporting and analysis tools. Think of it as a Business Activity Monitoring solution but with a focus on the outside world (not the enterprise internal one). In that sense it might have been called Environment Activity Monitor (but probably it’s not the suitable time of naming).
The repository would have provided means to input data related to many parties (regulatory bodies, government, competitors, persons) and their interconnecting activities that sooner or later would impact the business activities of X company.
Some outputs might have including Time lines, Network diagrams (with nodes representing parties and lines representing activities), etc…..

If you know of any similar solution please drop me a line

Anyway, after a short talk with one of my friends, I discovered that the decision makers (and analysts if ANY) in the business arena in X country are not ready for such tools (Limited appreciation of technology, lack of essential skills, and most important some “cultural” limitations).

I won’t abandon the idea (at least for now) until I have a quick look at Lucene. It might provide a way to automate data entry by sifting through data (especially syndicated one).
This would ease up the part of commitment from decision makers (no required skilled force to enter data), and I might end up with a different business model.

Did I just say that??? Technology formulating Business Models? Boy! I’m becoming sophisticated :-).