newrelic – undefined method `-’ for nil:NilClass

Using JRuby with trinidad (developer mode) – I was intermittently getting this error. Apparently thrown as estimated_time for the transaction was returning nil. I was also having all sorts of other issues (undefined method `metric_name’ for nil:NilClass) with

Java for the forever beginner (II)

If your JSP code is almost 2/3rd pure Java code, then you’re doing something wrong.  One easy way of knowing Java code from HTML/Snippets is to look at the PALE GREEN (see image for color tone). If

The Peoplenet

Now, it’s becoming even more vivid. The Internet has grown beyond its abstract boundaries and further into reality. Iran election has started as may be yet another election, peaceful and hopeful. For all parties. With the spread of voter

The Finishing Touches

Yesterday, I caught myself saying “I’m now putting my finishing touches to the application”. Twice. It is a true and accurate meaning to the state of an application I’m currently delivering. So, does a “Finishing Touch” apply to

Human Forms

The Huff-Duffer has came up with, in my opinion, aremarkable signup form (below). The signup form has this unique ‘human’ feeling that led to the following exchange between me and, Adam, a work colleague. Me: New approach to signup forms

[10 seconds ad] AJAX requests synchronization

For you AJAX requests synchronization needs, don’t forget to use Locking! – The mechanism that might save your day. * (*) not recommended for all uses. consult your requirements, framework API, and DB engines before you apply.