Thoughts on building vs growing

Many times I’ve heard professionals talk and plan out building software applications. Great ideas they’d like seen implemented, and how it could make things better. Though might not seem obvious – software applications, at least the good, are never

Rails and inner query choices

Consider that we have two models; Well and SurveryPoints . A Well represent an oil/gas/water well, each with multiple SurveyPoints. A SurveyPoint represent the well’s coordinate at a certain depth. class Well < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :survey_

JRuby – can’t convert Hash into String

I’ve recently upgraded a JRuby/Rails application from JRuby 1.6.3 (1.8 compatibility mode) to 1.6.8 (1.9 mode). Everything was working out fine except for actions relying on internal CSV library (FasterCSV in 1.

newrelic – undefined method `-’ for nil:NilClass

Using JRuby with trinidad (developer mode) – I was intermittently getting this error. Apparently thrown as estimated_time for the transaction was returning nil. I was also having all sorts of other issues (undefined method `metric_name’ for nil:NilClass) with

JRuby/Rails Streaming in development environment (and beyond)

Rails streaming is a great feature that allows you to optimize on server resources when dealing with large generated content. However – it might be a bit tricky to validate and test in local development. First off – a local server that

JRuby and Polyglot

JRuby 1.5.6 (I know. Old) Rails 3.0.1 Polyglot 0.3.3 UPDATE: see easier fix below Getting the following error when bundling: {% highlight ruby %} Java::JavaLang::ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: An error occured while installing polyglot (0.3.3)

Rails, nested attributes and before_save callbacks

I had a Project model with a many ProjectWell (as in oil) association. Taking advantage of the accepts_nested_attributes, I was able to persist both Project and ProjectWell attributes through a single web form. {% highlight ruby %} class Project <