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Heroku timezone adjustment

Setting up timezone on Heroku instance using heroku gem (command line)

Heroku apparently accepts zoneinfo timezones.

Posted in Ruby.

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  1. Zoltan says

    It works, thank you for the useful post. I set for Europe/London.

  2. Pete Roome says

    Yeah thanks for this tip. Very handy.

  3. Robin Clowers says

    Awesome, this made my night much shorter!

  4. Sergey says

    thanks! you saved me a lot of trouble playing with rails config timezone!

  5. Piero Randazzo says

    Great, i will try, thank you Tamer ;)

  6. Richard James Burton says

    Hey Pete – Same problem :D

  7. Bart says

    sweet, all of the timezone calculations were giving me headaches ;)

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