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Mystery Building

What a strange building! It seemingly has some rooms at the ground floor, but, those stairs lead to …. nothing.

I'm thinking of starting a competition for the sake of identifying its purpose. I pass by the mystery twice a day and every time my curiosity rise. Is it a statue? Does it have an industrial or functional purpose? Is it a sign of the corruption?

I've asked the “what-is-that” questions to more than 20 fine engineers and none have given an answer. Not even a suggestion.

I don't know why, but I'm always reminded of M. C. Escher's Relativity whenever I look at it. Oh my God!! Could it really be that? An attempt to model the masterpiece? After all, similar attempts have been carried out before.

So, if you think you know what that building does, please, spare time to put a bunch of wonderers out of their misery.

On a different note: There are some good images of plain awkwardness at Only-In-Egypt. I like the About post.

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  1. Gammal says

    Well, although I’d very much like to see how far imagination will take us I’m going to tell you what that thing is! Not that I’m involved by any means in the construction of such ugly artifacts, but only because I’ve seen a similar, albeit complete, one.

    That thing is actually a bridge! Yes, there should be another just as ugly thing at the other side of the road, and they should be connected.

    The stairs lead to the bridge surface, and they’re made that way to consume less surface area on the ground. Being spiral, they couldn’t be easily made wider, and that’s why there’s five of them!

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