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Google Buys Measure Map

It's not only Yahoo! It's Google as well. Shopping never stops. The news is out that Google has bought Measure Map, a nice analytics services for bloggers that was developed by Adaptive Path. It wasn't clear in the mail I've received as alpha user how this goes.

Things are clearer at Adaptive path website: Google bought Measure Map the service, and “Jeffrey Veen, an Adaptive Path founder and Product Director for Measure Map, will make the journey to Google along with several other members of the development team. Jeff will retain ties with Adaptive Path as a friend and colleague.”

Now, Measure Map footer reads: “Measure Map is a production of Google.” – Good job Adaptive Path and Thanks.

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  1. Marcel says

    Hi Tamer,

    Sorry to put this off-topic comment here. I was searching for your email but couldn’t find it.

    Anyway. I’m also setting up a jroller blog and I like to the way you show a list of tour entries and comments on the right side. Can you tell me how you did it?


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