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Google Reader

Thanks to that someone/thing who came to my blog from Google Reader, I wouldn't have known that the labs has came up with such a nice service.

It's your favourite feed reader (except of course being a server side one), in addition to a website subscription service. You can also use OPML to import your current lists. I also love the “Blog This”, “Gmail This” actions for the reader items. The “Gmail This” fills out the content of your message with the reader's item content.

May be the shortcuts are a bit confusing, but, I guess these can change when the Google Browser is out :-)

I wonder what's next?

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  1. Faiser says

    Ah, I hope that was me. I just very recently added your RSS feed to my Google Reader subscription (and I read this post through it tonight). The keyboard shortcuts, btw, are pretty intuitive once you use them for a bit. Especially nice is the space bar – it’ll page down until you hit the end of a post, at which point pressing it again will take you to the next post.

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