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Software project managers

“I Know Why Software Sucks”. very refreshing and insightful thread in “artima developers” about the process of managing software project, or simply, managers. enjoy.

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  1. Jose Sandoval says

    Interesting find. The writer (and posters) of the article seems to be gravitating around the idea of the Software Manager (PM, whatever) to be the center of the project’s universe. Nothing is further from the truth. I guess it’s a more complex issue, and yes, having an inadecuate manager will contribute to the problem. However, most of the problems we encounter relating to Software reliability and project failures are due to the lack of understanding of the business rules to be implemented (IMHO). What is now called Requirements Engineering – Perhaps req. eng. is not the solotion, just as OO wasn’t the solution to the software building issues, but, it’s much better than what it was a few years back.

    For a concrete example of what I mean, read how NASA build software systems: everything is written in paper and must be peer reviewed – Every line of code is designed, accounted for, and audited. Of course, there are problems, as nothing is 100% reliable. However, they have managed to do a very good job at what we call Software Engineering.

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