Blog revived

It has been a while since I added contents to the website.

I started out this blog in 2004, back when blogging was the social media of the day. Inspired by professionals who I admired, I tried to track my own professional and personal journey.

However, in 2016 I failed to renew my hosting plan which took down all the website’s content as well as my motivation to create new ones. There were no offsite backups of the website (Yes I know). I resorted to twitter for short-form publishing and consumption and reviving the website was put on the back-burner.

I now feel the urge to create medium and long-form content. I also feel what I published from 2004 onwards speak to who I am professionally and personally.

Over the 2019 Christmas holidays I spent a bit of time in putting a publishing mechanism in place using Jekyll, and migrating the contents over using WayBack Machine’s snapshots.

So here we are, the new and improved with [most of] the original contents.

Happy new year.