Finally! Ubuntu on Pavillion

After intending to dual boot my unstable Vista into Ubuntu for a while, I finally had enough  time this weekend to do it.

Let me just say that Ubuntu is living up to its claim of making Linux for Human Beings.

The boot from Ubuntu CD was a no-go. I found that Wubi would essentially install Ubuntu (without the CD) through a single click install (who could have imagined that Linux could be installed from windows just like any other application 🙂 ).

And as far as the wireless connection setup, I only had to install Wicd to take care of it.

True the experience is less adventurous than my previous RedHat/XP , yet, it’s indeed less frustrating.

Welcome to the club !
have been using Ubuntu for 8 months now. It is like breathing fresh air after living in s small room full of smokers for years.
Then you would sing Celine’s song …… I am alive. I am alive !