New Location, New Blog

After being totally consumed for around 2 months – I’m now finally able to sit down and write few words about the recent part of my learning journey.

I’m writing these few lines from Calgary, AB, Canada – after accepting a position with Commerx Corporation – a one-stop web development firm. The past few months were very stressfull; mentally, emotionally, and physically. It wasn’t an easy decision leaving my extended family, the city I was born in, the company that I’ve been with for the past 11 years, friends and memories and choosing to pave a new road in my journey. No one could ever make such a career / life changing decision without feeling a bit of regret or uncertainty of the days lying ahead, But armed with my faith in Allah, I’d remain sincere in my pursuit, choosing to do the best of what I can and thanking Allah for what will be.