JRoller/Roller Upgrade

JRoller (or is it Roller?) is becoming a real mess (from a user perspective).

After accepting the fact that it is real slow (take away the javascript), it’s now more and more unstable.

First; My Referrers are gone. I can take the fact that no one is interested in my postings, but, I can’t imagines I’m “that” unpopular.

Second; permalinks have this
$ entry.website.user.userName in the middle which does not allow to linking. Now I have to add this entry.website.user.userName myself if I want to link to postings

Third; I thought it was because of my “customized” template. I picked another one, saved, … nothing. My template is still the same with no error being reported.

The upgrade in progress post is up since January 06. Is it logic to take a month to upgrade an ONLINE SERVICE?!! Couldn’t this be done somewhere else.

I wonder how long it would take before I won’t be able to post to my blog.
I’m not whining by the way, I’m just comparing services. I wonder when/if it would be possible to migrate my posts to another engine (say; typo). Does anyone know of ways to migrate?

I also have problems with templates and documentation on how jroller works.

See http://jroller.com/page/peter_pilgrim

and http://jroller.com/page/javawug

Referrers are gone because they are a magnet for spammers, you can still see your referrers from the admin console (Create New Entry -> Referrers). The bad permalink is likely a bug in this skin. I’ll take a look at it today. We’ve also seen some problems reported with not being able to change your skin, but have not been able to reproduce it and no errors are thrown in the logs. I will try to dig into it today and see what is happening.