Measure Map

I was finally invited to preview Measure Map, a wonderful blog management tool (alpha release) from Adaptive Path.

The tool has many nice features (and more yet to come)- Number of Visitors (daily).

  • Links (both in and out, with friendly search terms).
  • Comments (Daily).
  • Browsers.
  • Countries (Compete with flash map).
  • Popular posts
  • Visiting Times.
  • Events (yet to come).

I was in need of many of the features that it provides. I just hope that the licensing is affordable, as I still can’t tell what features would be freely available in the final release.


Their setup scripts are simple (but I had to fit them into Roller templates as it’s not one of their supported engines (yet?).

In Roller’s “Weblog” Template – Added the following at the end – (before the </body> tag)

<!-- MeasureMap Script --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

In the “_entry” Tempalte – Added the following at the end:

<!-- Measure Map --> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- if(!mmposts){var mmposts=[];}mmposts[mmposts.length]=”$entry.Id”; //–></script> <!– mmp mmid:$entry.Id mmdate:$entry.pubTime mmurl:$ctxPath$entry.permaLink mmtitle:$entry.title –>

As I don’t have a “comment” template as per their recommendations, I had to hack the “_day” page to enable statistics for Comments (still not fully tested).
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