Loss of Ethics

Few days ago I saw a street officer (shorty morour) getting pushed by a semi-fancy car. He was trying to prevent the driver from going in the wrong direction. Apparently, the driver had the upper hand. Yesterday, I saw a street police officer getting cursed because he tried to prevent a car from going past a traffic light.

For those of you who do not know what a street officer does, he just simply endures the heats of the summers, and the colds of the winters amidst suffocating and poisonous car exhausts with a ?formal? compensation that barely buys bread, all of this for the sake of directing traffic (yes, traffic lights aren?t automated because no one respects them).

Salute for those who are doing “sincere” work with no intentions of getting bribed, for the ones who?re just doing the right thing, and for those who were ?forced? to take harsh jobs.

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