Sales Techniques

Steve Howard from MLE Systems has started talking to me about Sales techniques and, man, do I love it! Although, Sales is a modern “survival” skill, it’s hardly taught in schools for non-business majors (what a shame). Being a

On-Ruby Contest Winner

Pat Eyler from On Ruby has notified me that I won his Holiday Blogging Contest. My entry for generating a Rails site map was apparently the best Rails how-to in those posted. It won me 3 books from Apress. This


Oh the Horror! Web Applications are just Web Forms. Can’t believe that some might think that.

irb and rails console tab completion

By chance, irb and ruby-console tab completion discovery. Made my day! irb irb(main)> t = => ... irb(main)> t.m #[tab] t.mday t.method t.methods t.min t.mon t.month Rails Console >