When your clients run your business

I just need to get something off of my chest. Some of the companies that I’ve worked for/with, rely heavily on their clients as the only true measure of performance. They would take client satisfaction as a reflection

Canada Software Developers Salary Survey

Most software development salary surveys I came across are either inaccurate, generic or obsolete. This is an individual effort to capture the pay scale of Canada’s Software Developers & Consultants. It is also an effort to highlight the wide


UPDATE (September 2009): During the past 4 years, this post has managed to be the no. 1 hit for people looking for IPATO exam samples. It was a hope for some and desperation for others. To my knowledge, no one

Career Crossroads

Thought of Sharing my Career Crossroad issue: Back to School for a PhD (I’d belong to a better environment, but have to wait at least 6 years for a decent income) , or;Establish a Company for providing Business Solutions

I'm Back

Lack of motivation for posting? Perhaps. I’ve been also busy with some of my research - basically about my own career. I found myself attending some management studies by Inistitute of Management Development (based on a nomination by the