The Finishing Touches

Yesterday, I caught myself saying “I’m now putting my finishing touches to the application”. Twice. It is a true and accurate meaning to the state of an application I’m currently delivering. So, does a “Finishing Touch” apply to

Human Forms

The Huff-Duffer has came up with, in my opinion, aremarkable signup form (below). The signup form has this unique ‘human’ feeling that led to the following exchange between me and, Adam, a work colleague. Me: New approach to signup forms

Finally! Ubuntu on Pavillion

After intending to dual boot my unstable Vista into Ubuntu for a while, I finally had enough  time this weekend to do it. Let me just say that Ubuntu is living up to its claim of making Linux for Human

Business-People Pairing

How would it be like if our sales-person shared a few hours of his time acting as an observer on implementing a user story with one of the developers? What if our HR manager set aside a part of her

Increment vs Iterate

These images have been glued to my brain since I first saw them. A masterpiece by Jeff Patton that rang lots of bells. via Obie Fernandez.

Code Quality Measure

via FocusShift Via reddit, and from there to the best quote I read in a while:”Watching non-programmers trying to run software companies is like watching someone who doesn’t know how to surf trying to surf.” – Joel Spolskey. The

Rocket Science

Obie Fernandez, the author of the now de facto Rails book, The Rails Way, have recently launched HashRocket, a Ruby on Rails consultancy with a unique business model: Your application in 3 days or your money backOK! That money-back part

Rails vs The 7 Frameworks

This has nothing to do with comparing 8 different frameworks. It’s just to tell the horror story of one of our down-the-drain projects. The client came with an old product that he needed to add new features to. The