Software Engineering for Professionals

I was invited by my friends at Untapped Energy to speak about Software Engineering. I’ve been lately seeing a lot of professionals (Engineers, Geologists, Accountants, Analysts, etc…) venturing into data analytics and have consequently been working with software and

Blog revived

It has been a while since I added contents to the website. I started out this blog in 2004, back when blogging was the social media of the day. Inspired by professionals who I admired, I tried to track my

Consultancy Masterclass

Last weekend, I sat through the two-day Consultancy Masterlcass by Brennan Dunn & Obie Fernandez. Both Brennan and Obie have extensive experience building their own successful consultancy firms. The class was insightful and full of those ‘from the trenches’ experiences.

Thoughts on building vs growing

Many times I’ve heard professionals talk and plan out building software applications. Great ideas they’d like seen implemented, and how it could make things better. Though might not seem obvious – software applications, at least the good, are never

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I just realized that Dale Carnegie’s principles are less than 140 characters each ;) So – here they are in bite size. [retweet URLs reference the wiki article] And here they are in YAML Fundamental Techniques in Handling PeopleRetweet Don’t

The Peoplenet

Now, it’s becoming even more vivid. The Internet has grown beyond its abstract boundaries and further into reality. Iran election has started as may be yet another election, peaceful and hopeful. For all parties. With the spread of voter

Is it Microsoft?

This exchange happened today between me and a client while presenting the final release of an application: Me: So, let’s now log in to the system… Client: Actually, I wanted to ask about something. Is this written using Microsoft