JRuby – can’t convert Hash into String

I’ve recently upgraded a JRuby/Rails application from JRuby 1.6.3 (1.8 compatibility mode) to 1.6.8 (1.9 mode). Everything was working out fine except for actions relying on internal CSV library (FasterCSV in 1.

newrelic – undefined method `-’ for nil:NilClass

Using JRuby with trinidad (developer mode) – I was intermittently getting this error. Apparently thrown as estimated_time for the transaction was returning nil. I was also having all sorts of other issues (undefined method `metric_name’ for nil:NilClass) with

Java for the forever beginner (II)

If your JSP code is almost 2/3rd pure Java code, then you’re doing something wrong.  One easy way of knowing Java code from HTML/Snippets is to look at the PALE GREEN (see image for color tone). If

Rails vs The 7 Frameworks

This has nothing to do with comparing 8 different frameworks. It’s just to tell the horror story of one of our down-the-drain projects. The client came with an old product that he needed to add new features to. The

Pyramids, Application. An Analogy

Working on maintaining and modifying a five year-old Java application, I came to realize there’s a strong relation between legacy and pyramids. Here’s an analogy: | Pyramids are HUGE monuments, built for the sole purpose of being a tomb

Multiple-Application Login

I’m trying to handle an integration between a humongous code-base Java application (doing basic stuff) with a new Rails application (talking about injecting Rails transparently). Handling login (multi-application logins) was my first obstacle, and after talking with Steven and

Ruby on Rails – Lunch and Learn

Last Friday was my Ruby on Rails presentation at Commerx Corporation (in Lunch and Learn series). It wasn’t as good as I wanted, but, wasn’t too bad either. Some keys on the laptop were in the on-again-off-again mode,