Business-People Pairing

How would it be like if our sales-person shared a few hours of his time acting as an observer on implementing a user story with one of the developers? What if our HR manager set aside a part of her

Increment vs Iterate

These images have been glued to my brain since I first saw them. A masterpiece by Jeff Patton that rang lots of bells. via Obie Fernandez.

Code Quality Measure

via FocusShift Via reddit, and from there to the best quote I read in a while:”Watching non-programmers trying to run software companies is like watching someone who doesn’t know how to surf trying to surf.” – Joel Spolskey. The

Rails vs The 7 Frameworks

This has nothing to do with comparing 8 different frameworks. It’s just to tell the horror story of one of our down-the-drain projects. The client came with an old product that he needed to add new features to. The

When your clients run your business

I just need to get something off of my chest. Some of the companies that I’ve worked for/with, rely heavily on their clients as the only true measure of performance. They would take client satisfaction as a reflection

Canada Software Developers Salary Survey

Most software development salary surveys I came across are either inaccurate, generic or obsolete. This is an individual effort to capture the pay scale of Canada’s Software Developers & Consultants. It is also an effort to highlight the wide

AnyKey FF Plugin

For those of us who are Arabic-typing challenged (picking up Arabic letters off the keyboard) – AnyKey is the solution. AnyKey is a FF plugin that gives you the power of writing Arabic as it sounds (without the need to learn

Pyramids, Application. An Analogy

Working on maintaining and modifying a five year-old Java application, I came to realize there’s a strong relation between legacy and pyramids. Here’s an analogy: | Pyramids are HUGE monuments, built for the sole purpose of being a tomb