Posts Eclipse going back to Netbeans

Eclipse going back to Netbeans

I’m still so tired having no decent JSP plugins. Eclipse’s Web Tools Platform (M1) is not working with Eclipse (3.1 M3) or at least I can’t set it up to work correctly (it can’t even detect any changes even with “-clean” flag).

LOMBOZ was working on 2.1 and could be working with 3.0, but not with 3.1M3 (as far as I’ve been trying - it is still giving me “Unable to create part problem”). I might rollback to 3.0.

MyEclipse looks tempting and I might go for test drive.

Personally, I feel that I’m going back to Netbeens soon. It seems that they’ve worked on the interface a bit, and hopefully there would be some speed improvements.

Appreciate your suggestions, I’ll keep you updated.


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