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Railsify Captcha

Great Captcha idea from Railsify [image] Tempted to signup again for a new one.


After using the CSS Framework from Content-with-style for a few years, I grew tired of how it’s structured, and how difficult it is to customize. Along came Blueprint-CSS. A great concept, and won...

AnyKey FF Plugin

For those of us who are Arabic-typing challenged (picking up Arabic letters off the keyboard) – AnyKey is the solution. AnyKey is a FF plugin that gives you the power of writing Arabic as it sound...


Oh the Horror! Web Applications are just Web Forms. Can’t believe that some might think that.

irb and rails console tab completion

By chance, irb and ruby-console tab completion discovery. Made my day! irb irb(main)> t = => ... irb(main)> t.m #[tab] t.mday t.method t.methods t.min t.mon t.month Rails Consol...

Pyramids, Application. An Analogy

Working on maintaining and modifying a five year-old Java application, I came to realize there’s a strong relation between legacy and pyramids. Here’s an analogy: | Pyramids are HUGE monuments,...

:finder_sql – single vs double quotes

This is the trickiest part of Rails I came across so far: In my has_many association I have a finder_sql that should reference the instance object id rather than the class object id. has_many :bre...

2D to 3D Innovation from Fotowoosh

The most innovative imaging service I’ve seen since Riya and Photosynth. Fotowoosh, a real innovation, through Freewebs. The service (currently in alpha) takes your regular 2D images and transfers...

Web 2.0 for Sale

I still can get a laugh seeing some applications. Web 2.0 Application for sale – helping you flip :)

Multiple-Application Login

I’m trying to handle an integration between a humongous code-base Java application (doing basic stuff) with a new Rails application (talking about injecting Rails transparently). Handling login (mu...

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