Rails – disable timezone conversions

In order to globally disable the use of TimeZone conversions for your (legacy?) application – here’s the proper configurations: In config/application.rb (or config/environment.rb depending on Rails version): 1 2 3 config.time_zone = 'Mountain Time (US

Heroku timezone adjustment

Setting up timezone on Heroku instance using heroku gem (command line) {% highlight ruby %} heroku config:add TZ=America/Edmonton …. heroku console Time.now => … -0700 … {% endhighlight %}Heroku apparently accepts zoneinfo timezones. It works, thank you for the useful post. I

JRuby / PaperClip

Hello fellow developer stuck with JRuby, Paperclip file size = 0 issue :) Apparently the Paperclip workaround to report the proper file size doesn’t work with the current implementation of JRuby (Windows XP). This “might” work (not thoroughly tested): iostream.rb

Java for the forever beginner (II)

If your JSP code is almost 2/3rd pure Java code, then you’re doing something wrong.  One easy way of knowing Java code from HTML/Snippets is to look at the PALE GREEN (see image for color tone). If

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I just realized that Dale Carnegie’s principles are less than 140 characters each ;) So – here they are in bite size. [retweet URLs reference the wiki article] And here they are in YAML Fundamental Techniques in Handling PeopleRetweet Don’t

The Peoplenet

Now, it’s becoming even more vivid. The Internet has grown beyond its abstract boundaries and further into reality. Iran election has started as may be yet another election, peaceful and hopeful. For all parties. With the spread of voter