Congratulations to Karam Gaber Ibrahim. He won an Olympic Gold Medal at Athens 2004. He’s the first Egyptian to earn an Olympic gold medal in the living memory. He’s also a fellow Alexandrian


Congratulations for his coach and team members for their achievement.

Karam won a Gold Medal for the Greco-Roman Wrestling 96 kg, a truly non popular sport here in Egypt. I saw his final match and he just marvelled. He seems also to enjoy an Egyptian sense of humor and a real present.

Congratulations also to all who have seen their dreems come true and sincere wishes for those who have worked hard but haven’t realized their goals (yet).

It needs a genuine devotion to earn such medal. It also needs extra strength (especially from Egyptians) to conquor all obstacles and succeed (take my word for it - it’s not easy).

One final thought: STOP THE CLUMSY SUPPORT FOR EGYPTIAN SOCCER TEAMS. It is just a drain for resources that are better spent on other non popular sports. One idea: BAN the lousy game from being played officially for, say, a 10 year period.

Again, Congratulations Karam.