Starting MLflow with FastAI (v2)

This is not meant as a comprehensive guide, rather just a place to start and get things up and running. Read further below for a background and explanation. Create a custom callback## Tracking Class from mlflow.tracking import MlflowClient from

Data Pipeline Visualization - Making it Interesting

Data pipelines are generally hard to explain and aren't as interesting to those not directly involved in data analytics. How to make this more interesting and engaging? Simple. Make it in 3D. Animated. Interactive. Click & Drag. Middle mouse to

Software Engineering for Professionals

I was invited by my friends at Untapped Energy to speak about Software Engineering. I’ve been lately seeing a lot of professionals (Engineers, Geologists, Accountants, Analysts, etc…) venturing into data analytics and have consequently been working with software and

Blog revived

It has been a while since I added contents to the website. I started out this blog in 2004, back when blogging was the social media of the day. Inspired by professionals who I admired, I tried to track my

RubyMotion – PullToRefresh

To add Sam Vermette’s SVPullToRefresh to your RubyMotion project: Add the SVPullToRefresh podAdd the Quartz Framework# Rakefile Motion::Project::App.setup do |app| # … app.frameworks += [‘QuartzCore’] app.pods do pod ‘SVPullToRefresh’ # … end end # Then in your controller def viewDidLoad

Using NUI with RubyMotion

NUI is an open-source library that allows you to style your iOS applications using CSS-like files and syntax. In my opinion, NUI carries few benefits over its commercial, KickStart backed, competitor Pixate. First; NUI allows you to style your application

Consultancy Masterclass

Last weekend, I sat through the two-day Consultancy Masterlcass by Brennan Dunn & Obie Fernandez. Both Brennan and Obie have extensive experience building their own successful consultancy firms. The class was insightful and full of those ‘from the trenches’ experiences.