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FactoryGirl with Oracle enhanced adapter – an attribute of name ‘id’ is not assigned

My question and answer are also posted on StackOverflow

I have an Oracle test table with ID column that is not a primary key, not an autoincrement and with no sequence defined. It only has NOT NULL defined. The corresponding structure in development schema is an Oracle View rather than a table with a primary key defined against the ID column.

My factory definition looks like:

These tests fails

I’ve added attr_accessible :id to my model (just in case), but with no luck.

I’ve also defined id= method in my model def id= id; @id = id; end. The call is made to the method and @id is written, but looks like it is overwritten later in the callstack (between FactoryGirl and ActiveRecord).

Other attributes are normally assigned.

After a bit of digging – I found the I found the culprit:

The write method in ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Write module has the line:

It means that if the attribute name to be set has the name of ‘id’, pick the primary_key as the name of the attribute to assign the new value to. And since in my test table there is no primary_key returned by the oracle_enhanced_adapter (rightfully), the whole write operation is skipped.

My solution was to override the write method (only when running tests) skipping that line so that the id is written to.

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