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Is it Microsoft?

This exchange happened today between me and a client while presenting the final release of an application:

Me: So, let’s now log in to the system…
Client: Actually, I wanted to ask about something. Is this written using Microsoft technologies?
Me: No, it’s written on a different stack.
Client: Shoot!
Me: Why?
Client: What technology is it written with?
Me: It’s written in Ruby, connects to MySQL and runs on Linux. Why?
Client: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Me: Well. It was laid out clearly in my proposal that we’re going to use that particular stack.
Client: Is it easy to migrate the application to Microsoft technology. You know: IIS, .Net, etc…
Me: Not unless we re-wrote the whole thing. why?
Client: A friend told me that I could get a Microsoft funding for my application if it was written in Microsoft technologies.

That’s after 2 weeks of wireframes and initial design, 5 weeks of implementation, a mid-way release presented to the client in person.

What a way to ruin a good application release.

PS: I have a bad feeling about this, the client hasn’t paid (yet) for the implementation.

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  1. oldmoe says

    That’s seven weeks in toto. Almost two months Tamer! and you still didn’t get paid a penny? Anyways, AFAIK this (Microzeft funding) only works if the guy is a non-profit which I doubt. So tell him to relax. I may be wrong though.

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