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First hockey game

Yesterday I attended my first ever ice-hockey game (Hitmen vs Kootenay), courtesy of Robert Kulhawy, Commerx Corporation, or simply my boss. Dave was so kind in accompanying me to the game.

The game was a thrill in many ways, especially when experiencing, first-hand, how the sport is loved and cheered by many. I’m planning to take some lessons in skating, perhaps I can join the NHL.

It was really surprised when I saw my name on the arena-screen (or whatever it’s called). Dave is the man when it comes to nice gestures.

The game ended 3-1 (Go Hitmen!) so, I was glad my first game was a win for the local team.


Look closer… It says “Welcome, Tamer from Egypt attending his first hockey game”.

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  1. Sameh says

    It is good that you didn’t have to pay for this service. So, you may consider changing career to become an ice-hockey player.

    But from “customer service” point of view, this is a good idea that can be offered in malls, stadiums, kids’ shops…This is customization where you never expect any customization.

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